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Amplified Initiative

Jan 2, 2019

Today we listen to the panel “Storytelling and African American Women's Biography.” Presented at the OAH’s April 2018 conference, the panel compares the possibilities and pitfalls of telling black women’s stories in the traditional form of biography versus the format of film. It also considers the forms that biography takes when the subjects present challenges to linear storytelling.

This is an episode of the Amplified Initiative, a project of the Organization of American Historians ( and presented by the Oral History Association ( This project from the Organization of American Historians aims to broaden the impact of the OAH’s 2018 conference by asking partner organizations to develop material, based on the conference panels, that will be shared with each partner’s specific audience.

Chair: Lynn Hudson, University of Illinois at Chicago

Panelists: Cynthia Blair, University of Illinois at Chicago

You can listen to the full version of this panel, as well as other presentations that didn’t make into the podcast, at